Lollapalooza 2009 – Day 2

After a couple hours of sleep because I was still wicked excited to be here, a free breakfast buffet in the China Grill attached to the Hard Rock, and a really good iced mocha from Caribou Coffee, explored the city for a while, and took my 4th shower of the weekend, due to the heat. The temperature is expected to be around 95 today, but I am ready to take on Lollapalooza day 2! Let me preface this with the fact that there were no bands I was interested in seeing until later in the day, so I arrived at the north gate only to find it closed (wtf? seriously, they promoted this gate being open heavily yet the only time I saw it open after the first day, was on the last night while Jane’s Addiction was playing. This was one of  the reasons I didn’t spend much time at the North side of the park), so I ended up missing Los Campesinos but saw a little bit of Gomez:

Lollpalaooza 2009 Day 2 - Gomez
Lollpalaooza 2009 Day 2 – Gomez

I made my way over to the Chicago 2016 stage to see Coheed and Cambria, a band I have seen 4 times prior. They started out with No World for Tomorrow:

After some audio troubles in which no one could hear Claudio Sanchez’s vocals (see the beginning of the video above), things got straightened out and Coheed rocked their set! I was happy to hear them play A Favor House Atlantic. I couldn’t stop staring at  the lady signing the lyrics though. She was really into it.

From here, it was off to the Citi stage to see No Age:

Lollapalooza 2009 - Day 2 - No Age - 2
No Age on day 2 of Lollapalooza 2009

I had high expectations for No Age but was pretty disappointed. I don’t know if it had anything to do with the fact that Randy Randall had dislocated his shoulder the day before or what, but I expected a much better set. I had thoroughly enjoyed the Nouns CD.

I got kind of bored and had the attention span of a kitten, so I attempted to make my way to the Budweiser stage to see TV on the Radio, but got sidetracked while passing by Perry’s tent where Hercules and Love Affair was doing a DJ set.

Hecules and Love Affair DJ set
Hecules and Love Affair DJ set
Hecules and Love Affair DJ set2
Hecules and Love Affair DJ set at Perry’s tent
Hecules and Love Affair DJ set at Lollapalooza 2009
Hecules and Love Affair DJ set at Lollapalooza 2009

It was soo hot and near impossible to get to the Budweiser stage that I turned around and went back to see the end of Glasvegas’s set, another band I couldn’t really get into. As soon as they ended, Rise Against started at the Chicago 2016 stage and I made my way to the side.

Easily one of the best bands I saw all weekend! I had never gotten the chance to see Rise Against live before, but will definitely go see them the next time they play in Boston.

The hardest part about Lollapalooza is trying to see everything at once. I really wanted to see Lykke Li, so I left Rise Against, but a much needed bathroom break was needed before going  back to the Citi stage. I’ve really got to hand it to whoever was in charge of the port-a-pottys there. First class all the  way *clap clap clap*. They were really on the ball with these and you couldn’t smell the sewage on the field at all!

On day 2, the toilets were a little full.
On day 2, the toilets were a little full.

There were girls standing in front of the toilets wondering what to do. This was by no means the only one that was filled.


Lykke Li – Lollapalooza 2009

Lykke Li also surprised me with how good she was live! A lot dancier than I expected and the crowd was really into it.

From there, I moved over to the Vitamin Water stage to see Animal Collective. This is another band that is always hyped up (someone please feel free to explain to me why?) and in my opinion, just very boring. I don’t see what all the fuss is about. So, I walked around the park for a while as that was infinitely more interesting than Animal Collective were.

I made my way back to the Chicago 2016 stage for Tool, who I saw once, years ago. The crowd was soo massive and it was impossible to get anywhere near the stage. They started out with Jambi and went into Stinkfist. This short clip of Stinkfist shows the closest I could get:

At this point, I decided to try and see the rest of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s set. It’s hard to try to see everything at once in a park that is about a mile long, end to end. I got about halfway there, stopped by Perry’s tent to see a little bit of Bassnectar, then attempted to fight through the crowd to Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. It was just as packed on this side of the park and there was no way I was getting in there.

I figured that I would just go back to the Hard Rock, shower, change into some decent clothes and beat the crowds down to the Base Bar. So, the rest of the night was spent sipping on their signature Lake Shore Drive drink which consisted of vodka, cucumber, honeydew melon, lime, a splash of soda, listening to some cool DJ’s, and getting one hell of a nice buzz!

Off to rest up for day 3!

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