Ticketmaster must die!!

During my stay at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago, I was given two room keys, which also double as $25 gift cards to the Ticketmaster owned TicketsNow scalping service. I saw that Friendly Fires is coming to Boston in November, so what the heck, I’ll order a couple of tickets, use this card, save a little cash that could be used for beers, and be done with it. Sounds easy doesn’t it? It was not to be.

You see, TicketsNow is own by Ticketmaster as a kind of legal way for them to scalp tickets at an extremely inflated price. I don’t know why it’s legal for them to do this but for some reason, it is. The image below shows the regular $15 + $5 fee (there’s a whole other topic) x 2. $40, no big deal to see a band I like.

LiveNation regular price for Friendly Fires tickets
LiveNation regular price for Friendly Fires tickets

Now, here is where I hoped to save $25 with the gift card that will as of now, never be used:

This is the overpriced TicketsNow version
This is the overpriced TicketsNow version

Pretty unbelievable huh?

A similar thing happened recently when tickets for Andrew McMahon went on sale at 10am for a show in Somerville and by 10:01, it was sold out yet tons of tickets appeared on StubHub immediately (which is another one of these “legal” scalping services). Tickets for this show were going for 2-3 times the original price. It’s really sad because this show benefits the Somerville Arts at the Armory which ironically, helps out artists.

Bruce Springsteen fans have also been burned by this practice. More info here.

How can these companies go on ripping off their customers like that and think nothing of it? Wasn’t Congress looking into this at one point? Why didn’t Pearl Jam keep up their fight?? I miss the days of standing in line for tickets that only had a 1-2 dollar fee associated with it. Earlier this year, I attempted to get tickets for the Nine Inch Nails/Jane’s Addiction tour. I don’t recall the exact price but the fees were close to 40% of the ticket price. Needless to say, I did not go.

This practice needs to stop! Someone needs to step forward, stand up to these giant corporations, and create some kind of viable alternative that does not rip off the customer. In the meantime, if the bogus fees are over a certain percentage of the ticket price, they will definitely lose my money.

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