Hullabalou what??

After much anticipation and attempting to make my summer 2010 festival plans, I took a look at the lineup for the 1st annual Hullabalou Music Festival which will be at Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY from July 23rd – 25th. Only a few days into 2010 yet and this very well may be the worst festival lineup of the year. Let’s take a look at what the $165 3 day pass will get you (keeping in mind that more bands are to be announced):

Day 1:
Bon Jovi – That’s your big headliner?
The B52’s should at least be up there in a headlining spot.
Richard Marx – Didn’t he die a couple of years ago? Oh wait, that was Robert Palmer. I always get those two mixed up.

Day 2:
Kenny Chesney – The big headliner of the day. I guess I can understand this as Louisville seems more of a country kind of region and he plays to that.
Michael McDonald – One of two reasons I would actually go. Gotta love What a Fool Believes!
War – The second reason I would go to this festival.
Joan Osborne – Why?

Day 3:
Dave Matthews Band – Headliner of day 3. The question here is…which festivals are they *not* playing?
Zac Brown Band – Listed as another headliner…umm…who???
Steve Miller Band – Is this “let’s only have bands with the word “band” in their name” day?
Kansas and 38 Special – I think these two bands tour together like, always.

Here are some reason why one would actually attend this:

It’s going to be absolutely crap-tac-ular!
The abundance of overweight, 40 year old women with big hair and stretch marks longer than the track at Churchill Downs.
You really dig the smell of horse.

I think it will be interesting to see how this festival ends up doing and hope for an even more hilarious lineup for 2011.

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