It’s official! A pickle is more popular than Nickelback!

Earlier this week, a Facebook group called “Can this pickle get more fans than Nickelback” finally surpassed the number of fans that Nickelback has (as of right now, the are over 1.5 million fans compared to 1.4 million for Nickelback). Proving once and for all, that yes, a pickle is more popular than a band that uses the same formula for making songs over and over and over and….

This pickle debacle reminds me of when I was a kid and Burger King had these toy instruments shaped like different foods. One was a piccolo shaped like, yup, you guessed it, a pickle. The “music” I made on that thing was better than anything Nickelback has ever put out. I’m not going to blame Canada since Vancouver is one of my favorite cities ever, but for a band that has sold something like 30 million albums, one can only assume that with approximately the same number of people living in Canada, that these were purchased by the government and each person was given 1 copy of a Nickelback CD and forced to listen to it. All of the extra copies were probably sold to people in the midwestern United States, who traditionally have bad taste in music, as proven by one of my coworkers that resides there.

And with that, I hereby offer Chad Kroeger a pickle hat so that he may worship his new pickle overlords!

Pickle Hat

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