Matador Records Announces “Matador at 21” Concert (Updated 07-07-10)

Matador at 21 poster

Vegas baby, Vegas! As the poster above shows, Matador Records turns 21 this year and are throwing a huge show in Las Vegas on October 1st through the 3rd. The headliners are Pavement, Sonic Youth, Belle & Sebastian, and a reunited 1993 -1996 era Guided By Voices.

I’m really looking forward to this as it should be an incredible 3 days of really great music! There are quite a few bands playing that I have never had the chance to see, including Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Yo La Tengo, who got me through the 90’s. Although the poster says “More artists announced July 5”, the artists announced equals just one, who I’m really excited about seeing: The original lineup of Come. More bands will be announced between now and October though, but it has been confirmed that Mission of Burma will not be playing.

Now, as for the official announcement from Matador, the ticket information is very confusing (I suggest checking the Matador blog for more clarification since things seem to be changing every few hours):

An initial quantity will be on sale Friday for $199.00. .After the $199.00 tickets sell out, the price increases to $225. A link will be posted on this site on Thursday, July 8th. Starting Friday, you’ll have the opportunity to reserve standard rooms at the Palms for the discounted rate of $99 per night (the full 3 nights of the festival, only). The rooms feature two double bed and occupancy of up to 4 persons is allowed. The above rate is only available when purchasing tickets thru us. If you are interested in upgrading to a larger room or a suite you will be able to do so after purchasing the standard room. TICKETS FOR THE 3 NIGHTS + ROOMS are being sold jointly — we’re not selling tickets to the shows separately at this time, nor are we selling tickets for individual nights.

(ADDENDUM -i) A limited number of 3-day tickets priced at $250—with no Palms reservation required — will be available Friday morning at 9am PST via

So, for the most part, they are forcing you to get a hotel room at The Palms, which I have no problem with, because this means I can go back and relax for a bit. This seems to be an issue for some people, but word is that there may be an installment plan, which would absolutely make this doable.

If I manage to get a ticket on Friday, I’m soo there!

Update: Matador has posted an FAQ page here. It actually clears up a few things as well as gives information on VIP tickets (which I’m trying to figure out if they would be worth the extra $200…after parties, VIP seating, etc…seriously gotta think about this!).

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