Concert Review: Best Coast, Male Bonding, Young Adults

I arrived at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge on a very drizzly Tuesday night for one of my other “most anticipated” shows of 2010. I met up with a friend and as we were getting our wristbands, she noticed that there was a “sold out” sign hanging up, although at this point, there was a decent amount of people, but not sellout sized. I also realized that I haven’t been there in a couple of years.

We caught the last 2 songs of Young Adults set, which sounded good, although I was not familiar with them at all. As we waited at the bar for our drinks (sidenote: these were the cheapest drinks I’ve had at any Boston area club), the bartender asked if we knew who the band was. He said he was really liking them, so that must mean something. I’ll have to check their Myspace and give it a listen.

Male Bonding
Male Bonding

Next up was Male Bonding, all the way from the UK. We made our way towards the front of the stage to watch them. I didn’t really know much about this band either. They played grunge tinged guitar rock, with a little bit of a surf sound, which got a few people in the crowd, who were way to old to be doing so, to start moshing. Some more people joined in and there were even some girls moshing, but everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun, so that’s cool. The songs were short and loud but they weren’t bad at all. I will have to listen to some more of their stuff online when I get a chance. Did I mention they were loud?

After a beer refill, some moseying at the merch table (it’s always cool when bands work their own tables), and trying to figure out the logistics of how a midget could use the Breathalyzer machine that was mounted kind of high on the wall, Best Coast came on stage.

Best Coast
Best Coast

By this point, the club had filled up due to this being Best Coast’s first ever Boston show, which made it impossible to get close to the stage again. We decided to stay towards the back where it was easier to see anyway. Their lo-fi sound didn’t really translate over into the live show. Songs such as “Boyfriend” or “Crazy For You” sounded much cleaner live. The clearer vocals sounded good considering that lead singer Beth had been battling the flu all week according to her twitter feed. They pretty much went through their whole debut album, Crazy For You.

Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast
Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast

They played for around 50 minutes or so. After they left the stage, people were yelling for more and the band came out to play an encore which was pretty cool. This night seemed to go by way too fast and was over before I knew it. Overall, I had a great time and really hope that Best Coast makes Boston a regular stop when they tour again.

Best Coast – Wish He Was You

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