Concert Review: I,Destroyer, Tinsel Teeth, Woozy, Party Pigs, at AS220

Tonight's bands
Tonight's bands

Ahh Providence, my favorite city. The best smaller shows always seem to happen there. Tonight’s show was I, Destroyer, Tinsel Teeth, Woozy, and Party Pigs (who I missed because I got caught in post Providence Bruins traffic). Here’s a little Providence parking hint…park at the mall, then walk over to the venue.

I had just missed Party Pigs, so I went over to the bar and got myself a Harpoon UFO to kill time until Woozy went on.

Woozy at AS220

With psychedelic visuals projected behind them, the band started out with pulsating noise and bass that soon escalated into a nearly half hour set that never stopped. I was really blown away by it. I’m just bummed that I didn’t take any video of their set. Be sure to download their EP on SoundCloud Woozy – Slowly Crossing EP, it’s really good!!

Up next was I, Destroyer. At this point, it was getting pretty crowded. As I, Destroyer started playing, the crowded started a huge pit, pushing everyone back in the tiny club. Hipster PBR’s went flying all over the place! The band went through their mostly under 2 minute songs fairly quick and the crowd was really into it.



After emptying several bags of balloons into the crowd, who promptly popped most of them, Tinsel Teeth were ready to play.

The crowd gathered around the band, where as usual, they played on the floor and not the stage, so it was kind of hard to see the band. As they played, people started moshing again, this time with more intensity.

I stayed for the first 4 or 5 songs of Tinsel Teeth’s set. Unfortunately, I was really hungry at this point and wanted to make sure I could grab food somewhere (props to East Side Pockets on Thayer Street for being open crazy late and their amazing 6 piece falafel!), which made the hour drive back home much more bearable. But overall, I had a good time and will will definitely be checking out Woozy when they play again.

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