The Dismemberment Plan Announce Live Album!

The Dismemberment Plan have announced their first live album ever! Recorded in Tokyo during their 2011 trip through Japan. If you caught any of their tour last year and earlier this year, then you know how awesome this will be, even if it is missing my favorite D-plan track “The First Anniversary of Your Last Phone Call“.

The 23 track album is due to be released on June 1st.

Track listing:

01 Spider in the Snow
02 A Life of Possibilities
03 The Face of the Earth
04 Sentimental Man
05 You Are Invited
06 Bra
07 What Do You Want Me to Say
08 Pay for the Piano
09 Memory Machine
10 Time Bomb
11 If I Don’t Write
12 Following Through
13 The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich
14 Do the Standing Still
15 Girl O’Clock
16 The City
17 I Love a Magician
18 OK Joke’s Over
19 Ellen and Ben
20 Gyroscope
21 The Ice of Boston
22 That’s When the Party Started
23 Back and Forth

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