Wham! Rap! (or What Were They Thinking?)

Ok, first of all, this is just kind of a totally random post and I’m feeling pretty good right now (thanks to a couple of glasses of Menage A Trois wine…the red being my favorite!). Anyway, I was listening to some 80’s music and Wham! Rap by Wham! came on. It’s funny how the most random thing can bring back soo many memories. Me and my friends used to love this song and Wham! in the 80’s. Random fact: one of them actually got his ear pierced because of this band.

This song makes absolutely no sense now, but it totally did in the 80’s. There was a time in the 80’s when rap was just taking off and every band had their one rap song (cough Anthrax cough). This is Wham!’s. Yeah, it’s really bad and definitely doesn’t hold up into the 2000whatevers. I guess back then, everyone was still figuring it out pre-east coast/west coast.

And just for the record, the boys from Wham never helped me reach my goals, so the song is a total lie!

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