Bad Ideas: Korn Making a Dubstep Album

Oh Korn…what is there to say? I hated you in the 90’s and equally, your all black clothing, wallet chain having, braided hair wearing, pierced in the face, smiling idiot fans. Believe me, I knew quite of a few of them. Then, due to a girl I was dating at the time, who usually had decent taste in music, I came around to liking a few of your songs. I even saw you at the Providence Civic Center with Rob Zombie in 1999. Then I got sick of you, but now…now you are trying to make a dubstep album? Seriously? At least stick to your “nu metal” sound, so I can avoid it. I expect that crappy stations such as WAAF in Boston will play the hell out of it, just like they did back then and there will be no escape (currently holding this title, the awful Red Hot Chili Peppers).

Apparently this collaboration with Skrillex is going to be on the new album:

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