The Lollapalooza 2012 Lineup Is Out!

Lollapalooza 2012 Lineup poster

The Lollapalooza 2012 lineup was announced at midnight (Chicago time) last night. Nearly 24 hours later, I have had time to let this amazing lineup sink in. First of all, they managed to score the reunited At The Drive In, who are one of my top 5 favorite bands ever! If I wasn’t already going, this would be the reason to find a way to get there. Along with Black Sabbath, The Black Keys, Justice, and Sigur Ros, this is the 2nd best festival lineup of 2012…it’s hard to beat Coachella this year. That being said, there are a lot of bands that have already played it in the past few years , but then again, that makes it easier to see some different bands.

Some of the bands I’m looking forward to, in no particular order, are At The Drive In, M83, Black Sabbath, The Black Keys, Sigur Ros, Justice, Passion Pit (who I really hope won’t be as boring as they were when they played a free show in Boston two years ago), The Afghan Whigs, Franz Ferdinand, Frank Ocean, Neon Indian, Washed Out, and Toro y Moi.

There are also some disappointments, including the awful, overrated, and overplayed RHCP as a headliner. Also, the Stone Roses, Refused, Odd Future, and Pulp are not playing, although I was really hoping for the Stone Roses and Refused. When I saw Wax listed, I thought of the band that sang “California”, not a rapper (are those guys still around?).

In my opinion, this might be one of the best lineups yet and its’ going to be a very long 4 months until Lollapalooza. Is anyone else going? Hit me up and let’s hang out in Chicago!

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