Music Monday: Fahri – Final Disconnect Notice

Fahri are a 4 piece indie/fuzz pop band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin whose new album, “Final Disconnect Notice” was just released. Coming in at about 45 minutes, it starts out with a thumping drum beat and catchy guitar riff. The husband and wife duo of Miles Murray and Sarah Long trade singing duties on almost every other song, which works really well! The standout track is the 4th one called “The Island Cannibal King“, which is just great straight up indie rock song that will have you singing “where did you go, where did you go” in your head long after it’s over.

Overall, this is a catchy indie rock album that reminds me a bit of Sonic Youth and of the mid 90’s indie rock era. So head over to their Bandcamp page and check it out along with some of their older stuff as well!

Fahri Official Website
Fahri on Soundcloud
Fahri on Facebook

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