Music Monday: Mighty Tiny – White Dog Rough Again

I’m keeping it local this week with Boston’s own Mighty Tiny. I saw this band on a local public access show last week and was blown away! The easiest way to explain their sound is Mike Patton meets the gypsy punk of Gogol Bordello. One part carny music, one part experimental, and a whole lot of violin and accordion, Mighty Tiny make the kind of music that would be a great soundtrack to a dream about a freakishly dark carnival.

Scars” is about the most straightforward song you’ll hear on this album, but the standout for me is the 7 1/2 minute “Fuel for the Stars“, which goes from quiet to chaotic and back to quiet.

Although they sound great on my iPod, from the videos I’ve seen, they are more of a band that you have to see live and I plan on doing exactly that at TT the Bears on July 24th!

Here’s a taste of what their live show is like:

The official Mighty Tiny website | Mighty Tiny on Facebook | Twitter @MightyTinyMusic

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