Love Culture, The December Sound, Endless Wave at TT the Bears 6-29-12

It was a nice night to head out to Cambridge for a show, so that’s exactly what I did. I arrived at T.T. the Bears a little late and missed the first band, Dead Leaf Echo, so I have no idea what they were like (and my apologies to the band). The first thing I noticed was that the club was kind of empty, which was unfortunate since 1, there rumors that it was close to selling out, and 2, this was going to be a great show. Off to the bar for an Allagash White, then I took my place near the stage as Love Culture was setting up.

Love CultureLove CultureLove CultureLove Culture

Bathed in green and red star-like lights, it set the visual tone that this Columbus, Ohio band’s dreamy music invokes. Their set ended rather abruptly though, but left me wanting to hear more. I can highly recommend their “Aquamarine” album on Bandcamp though, it’s great!

I decided to switch it up and tried a Harpoon Dark. It was an ok beer, but I wasn’t really feeling it. At this point, the crowd got a little bigger, but it never really picked up, which was kind of disappointing.

The December SoundThe December SoundThe December Sound

Next was Boston’s own The December Sound. This band consisted of 2 guitarists and 1 bass player. It was pretty much a wall of sonic noise with vocals in the background. I attempted to find my earplugs, because it was just that loud, but lost one somewhere, so I spent the next couple of days fighting off the tinnitus. Gonna have to hit up my earplug supplier for another pair.

I went back to an Allagash White for my last beer of night while waiting for Endless Wave to go on.

Endless Wave w Jen JohnsonEndless WaveEndless Wave w Jen Johnson

This was my 2nd time seeing Endless Wave. As with the last time, it was a pretty straightforward set of indie rock with hints of shoegaze. Towards the end of the night, they brought up Jen Johnson of the band Velah as a special guest to sing for the last few songs.

Overall, it was a really fun show. I expected a much larger crowd, but I’ll take a more intimate feeling show any day.

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