Teen Daze, White Arrows, Beat Connection at TT the Bears 7-06-12

When I heard that Teen Daze was coming to the Boston area, I had to make sure I was there, especially since his “Teen Dreams” album is one of my favorite EP’s ever. I arrived at TT the Bears way too early, so I explored Central Square for a while to kill some time, since I’m usually only there to see shows. I went back at TT’s which was sadly, pretty empty, just as Teen Daze started his set.

Teen Daze at TT the Bears 1Teen Daze at TT the Bears 2

Vancouver’s Teen Daze, hunched over a laptop and mixer, played a pretty mellow but somewhat dancey set with thumping beats. There was a small crowd gathered at the front of the stage to watch him, some bopping around to the music. They were pretty attentive, with the exception of the very loud and obnoxious couple standing in front of me. It was a pretty good set, but way too short.

At this point, I grabbed my first beer of the night, an Allagash White and waited for the next band, White Arrows to go on.

White Arrows, who come from L.A., played indie rock with some electronics thrown in and reminded me a bit of The Strokes. At one point, they did a really cool cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire”. I had never heard of these guys until this show and ended up really liking them.

White Arrows at TT the Bears 1White Arrows at TT the Bears 3White Arrows at TT the Bears 2White Arrows at TT the Bears 4

Time to order another beer, which was unknown due to 1, tasting different than the Allagash I had asked for, and 2, the change given back was different than the first time. Either way, it wasn’t very good and I wish I knew what it was so that it can never be ordered again.

The last band of the night was Beat Connection, who are from my beloved Seattle. At this point, there was a pretty good sized crowd and they seemed really into the band. Beat Connection played a set of electro pop with a bit of a tropical feel and everyone seemed to be feeling it. I don’t think that there was a single person standing still.

Beat Connection at TT the Bears 1Beat Connection at TT the Bears 2Beat Connection at TT the Bears 3

The band came back out for an encore, which I captured in the video below:

Overall it was a fun night of dance music that progressively built up as the night went on. I was happy have been able to meet Teen Daze who was not only an incredibly nice guy, but very appreciative and his new CD “All Of Us, Together” is really good! Props to all of the bands for making themselves available at their merch tables as well. I would highly recommend seeing any of these bands if you get the chance. You won’t regret it!

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