Music Monday: Bearcubbin’! – Live From the Bear Trap

Bearcubbin’! are a band from Portland, Oregon, that play mostly instrumental math rock but there are some occasional strange vocals in there as well. The standout track for me is “Your Teen Angst is So Precious I want to Dress it Up in Meier & Frank Kid’s Clothes and Take Pictures of it in a Tiny Train“, but I have no idea what that title even means!

This album has a lot of quirky song titles such as “If I were 5 Years Younger and You Were 4 Years Older, This Would Still Be Creepy” and my personal favorite “Crash Into Savings (What if Dave Matthews Band was Your Insurance Claims Adjuster?“. It all chugs along very nicely, with each song leading into the next. So, go ahead and grab it at Bandcamp and enjoy!

Check out their video for “Good Job, Fat Dracula” below:

Bearcubbin’! – Good Job, Fat Dracula! (Live @ Bongo Fury) from Simon Boas on Vimeo.

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