Music Monday: The Box Tiger – “The Box Tiger”

The Box Tiger are an indie rock band that is mostly from Toronto, with one member being from Portland, Maine. It’s pretty easy to make Florence and the Machine comparisons, although I’m not a Florence fan, this is definitely a compliment to singer/guitarist Sonia Sturino.

The first track “Faceless” has a catchy shouting chorus of “Look at it burn, look at it burn baby“. The third track, “Comes and Goes” is a melodic, rocking song that just keeps going, and I mean that in a good way. There is barely in a break in the singing and it’s my favorite song on this EP. The album ends with the quiet and appropriately titled “Ending Song“.

This is a really good EP and is definitely worth checking out. I wish they would make it a little further south than Portland, but then again, I’m always up for a road trip and just may take a ride from Boston to catch one of their upcoming Portland shows in November.

Also, check out this awesome video of The Box Tiger playing a really great song called “Julian” in an alley, with an audience consisting of a cute black and white cat:

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