Major Lazer at the House of Blues in Boston sounds like a lot of fun (not really)!

I was thinking about going to see Major Lazer at the Boston House of Blues tonight, but while looking for tickets on Ticketmaster, I came across the following list:

RESTRICTED ITEMS: The following items are not permitted at the House of Blues. Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone. All persons and items subject to search upon entry.
” No backpacks
” No oversized purses
” No dolls
” No toys
” No kandi
” No plush or furry items
” No glow sticks, light gloves, or other light toys
” No professional (detachable lens) cameras
” No video cameras
” No weapons of ANY kind
” No markers
” No bandannas, gas masks, or pacifiers
” No glass
” No bottles
” No open cigarette packs
” No food, gum, or candy
” No outside beverages
” No illegal substances and paraphernalia
IDENTIFICATION: For US citizens, a valid DMV-issued photo ID or USA passport is required. For international guests, a valid passport is required

Doesn’t that sound like a blast? I think they forgot to add “No fun” to the list. I get why some of these things are on here, but really? It’s less of a hassle to go to the airport than it is to see a band at the House of Blues, where they make you feel like a criminal before you even get through the door. It kind of sucks because it’s not a bad place to see a show, but I’ll only go if it’s a band I really, really, want to see. Otherwise, I’ll just wait and catch them next time around at a different venue.

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