Concert Review: RIBS, Majical Cloudz, The Soft Moon at TT the Bears 1-09-13

I was trying to decide all day whether or not to go out to this show, mostly because I was pretty tired and with the just announced flu epidemic in Boston, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to risk getting sick, but took the chance anyway and yeah, I was really glad I went!


I arrived at TT the Bears, where there were surprisingly very few people, probably around 15 people or so. I started the night off with an Allagash White, although I probably should have eaten dinner first.


The first band to play was RIBS who are from Boston. This is a band that I have heard a lot about but never had a chance to see. They sounded great and there was lots of cool strobe lighting, which set the mood for their music. It seemed like people were afraid to get close to the stage as most stayed towards the back. I ended up chatting briefly with drummer Chris Oquist as I browsed the merch tables after their set. He tried to shake my beer soaked hand (due to the cup being overfilled earlier), but I told him I would be back for some CD’s after the show.

Back to the bar for another drink. This time around it was a Pretty Things Jack D’or. It was being featured as TT’s local brew of the week or month or something. It was a little harsh, but not bad.

Majical Cloudz 6Majical Cloudz 4Majical Cloudz 5Majical Cloudz 2

Majical Cloudz, a duo from Montreal who use loops to make atmospheric music were up next. They seemed to be having sound problems all night but persevered through it. This band seemed a little out of place since their music was much slower and softer than the other bands. Most of the songs seemed to be about death or dying. At one point, singer Devon Welsh came down from the stage and got down on his knees while singing near the bar. He also walked through the somewhat larger, at this point, crowd and sung amongst them for a bit. They weren’t bad, but I just couldn’t really get into these guys.

For my final beer of the night, I went back to the Allagash White. Probably not a good idea at this point since I was really feeling the first two and starving, but it was tasty regardless.

The Soft Moon 2The Soft Moon 4The Soft Moon 3The Soft Moon 7

The final band was The Soft Moon. I had wanted to see these guys for a while now and they did not disappoint. The band was drenched in a blanket of projected lines, which also set the mood for their dark and gothic dance style of music. They reminded me of Joy Division or early Cure. With drum machines and synthesizers going, they played to a much larger crowd that was loving it. It was a pretty straightforward, although way too short set. I can’t wait to see them again at the Austin Psych Fest in April!

Although I didn’t manage to get any video (I got too caught up in their set), here is their latest video for “Die Life” from the album Zeroes:

After the show, I ended up chatting with Chris from RIBS again, who actually remembered me (and yes, we finally got that handshake done), as I picked up both their Russian Blood and British Brains CD’s. Right after I got the CD’s, I overheard this small blonde girl talking with the band and it turned out to be Abby from Boom Said Thunder (who were one of my recent Music Monday picks). I let her know that I saw her band at Deep Heaven Now 6 and that I was a fan. She was pretty appreciative of that as well. I’m starting to realize that most of Boston’s bands are really, really nice people.

Overall, it was a pretty good night of music and I met some really cool people and it was a great way to start seeing shows in 2013!

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