Concert Review: A Troop of Echoes, Junta, Time Columns at TT the Bears 3-10-2013

Junta - A Troops of Echoes - Time Columns sign

Although I was pretty tired, I really wanted to get out and see some bands since it had been a while, so it was off to TT the Bears in Cambridge. I arrived to a pretty empty club but then again, it was a Sunday night, which is tough for a lot of people.

A Troop of Echoes 2A Troop of Echoes 1

The first band of the night was A Troop of Echoes, who are from one of my favorite cities, Providence, Rhode Island. They were already playing to a crowd of around 10 people or so when I arrived. A Troop of Echoes played kind of jazzy sounding music with horns and noise thrown in for good measure. They were pretty loud but good.

In between sets, I ordered an Allagash White, which was damn tasty and much needed on this night. I noticed the next band setting up had a sitar on stage. This should be interesting.

Junta 8Junta 7Junta 2Junta 1

Junta are a Boston based band that consists of 2 drummers, bass, guitar, horn, and the aforementioned sitar. These guys were really good, although I expected to hear more sitar based on their Bandcamp songs. The two drummers almost seemed to be in a competition to see who could out drum who. I ran into a coworker, who it turns out, is friends with someone in the band (and brought them many beers), so that was pretty cool. This was definitely an interesting band and I’ll have to try and see them again.

I decided to get another beer, trying out the Ithaca Ground Break beer this time around. It was a pretty good choice.

Time Columns 1Time Columns 6Time Columns 3Time Columns 4

Up next were Baltimore’s Time Columns, who played a mostly instrumental post rock set. This band consisted of a drummer, guitarist, bass, and some loops. They tore through their songs and I was really into it, but the set was way too short.

I ended up leaving before We Can All Be Sorry went on, since I had to make sure I could catch one of the last trains back to Alewife, because, you know, the T.

I had a pretty good time, even though there was never really more than around 20 people at this show, but it was an interesting night of music.

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