Concert Review: KMFDM at The Paradise in Boston 3-20-2013

KMFDM - The Paradise sign

I got a late start for what is usually a pretty long ride on the T. Red line to Green line and back at the end of the night (before it stops running ), but for some reason, tonight, it went by pretty fast. I got to the Paradise, bought a ticket at the door (where I also noticed several people buying earplugs) and made my way to the bar for a much needed Harpoon IPA.

The first thing I noticed was that a lot of people were wearing black leather trenchcoats, had long hair, and/or were gothed out at this show. Was I in the Matrix? I thought the industrial “look” died out in the 90’s (and yeah, I went through that phase in the early 90’s) but apparently not. Maybe people are getting ready for Man Ray to reopen soon.

I managed to catch the last 5 songs of Legion Within‘s set. They weren’t bad, and a good portion of the crowd seemed to like them, but I just wasn’t really into it. The lead singer seemed really nice and was chatting with people at the merch table though. Also, I was kind of surprised to find out they were from Seattle, as this isn’t the kind of music usually associated with that city. It was back to the bar for a Harpoon UFO and then to find a good spot to watch KMFDM.


KMFDM took the stage to chants of “KMFDM sucks!” and went right into “D.I.Y.“. They also played “Kunst“, which is my favorite song off of the new album of the same name. It was a pretty straightfoward set, with very few breaks between songs. As expected, the crowd was really into every song. The band came out for 2 encores. They started to play “Sucks” but went into another song. The night ended with “A Drug Against War” which had the crowd fired up.


It was a really fun show and I was glad to see KMFDM again. That being said, they put on a much better show when I saw them at Lupos in Providence 10 years ago for the WWIII tour, that included screens with visuals behind them and a lot, I mean a LOT of strobe lights (where they had warnings at the door about not coming in if you’re prone to epileptic siezures from strobe lights). It would have been cool to get a couple of long desired KMFDM t-shirts, but they didn’t have any left in my size, unless I was a small (not happening) or a 2xl or larger (seriously???). Perhaps I’ll have better luck the next time they come through Boston.

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