Austin Psych Fest – Day Two – 4-27-2013

After another night of very little sleep, I spent this overcast morning at Starbucks, which provided not only some much needed caffeine, but a cool view of the Austin skyline. Although the show started earlier today, I took one of the last shuttles to the festival, which meant that I had missed LSD and the Search for God (by the way, can anyone point me to where I can buy one of their band t-shirts?).

Wall of Death 3Wall of Death 2Wall of Death 1

Wall of Death

After making the trek through the weirdly textured parking lot, I managed to see Wall of Death playing their last song on the main stage to a pretty decent sized crowd. I wanted a drink, so I made my way over to get something made with Tito’s vodka and watermelon juice, which was damn refreshing on this hot and humid day.

Vinyl Willams 4Vinyl Willams 3Vinyl Willams 2Vinyl Willams 1

Vinyl Williams

Next I saw a band called Vinyl Williams, who were spazzy and took turns playing different instruments with the result being a nice mix of shoegaze and psych.

Woodsman 2Woodsman 1


Golden Animals 3Golden Animals 2Golden Animals 1

Golden Animals

Brain Pulse Music 1

Brain Pulse Music

Woodsman were another band I had wanted to see, so I went over to the Elevation Amphitheatre to check them out. Starting off with a long, slow buildup, they went into their songs and sounded good, although it was hard to hear them over the main stage where Golden Animals were playing. The music overpowered Woodsman, so I went over to see them for a bit. Golden Animals are a 2 piece but sounded like there was a full band playing. From there, I moved over to the tent and watched something called Brain Pulse Music. This may have been a little too abstract for most people since a lot of them left a few minutes after it started. It was pretty much one guy making live loops over droning and pulsing noise. I started to feel kind of weird from it, so either the tones were hitting my brain or the rum based beverage that I was drinking at the time started to kick in.

Night Beats 7Night Beats 6Night Beats 4Night Beats 3Night Beats 2

Night Beats

The Holydrug Couple 1

The Holydrug Couple

Up next was Night Beats, who had a bit of a retro sound. After watching them for a bit, it was time to get some food. I headed over to the food trailer area to get a chicken waffle taco, which was delicious. This was washed down with some sort of cucumber/lime/cherry/kale drink that could have used some vodka in it. There wasn’t too much going on at this point, so I went over to check out The Holydrug Couple, who had a kind of space rock sound. Boris were one of my must see bands for Saturday were up next.











Boris 13

Boris 12

Boris 11


Shrouded in fog for most of their set, Boris were really, really, loud and absolutely amazing. The slow, thumping bass during “Rainbow” literally shook your clothes. This was probably the loudest and “most shrouded in fog” band of the weekend and ended up being my favorite of the festival.



Quintron and Miss Pussycat

I went over to the tent to see Quintron and Miss Pussycat for a bit. They did their set in a fun, theater kind of style that included a puppet show. The crowd seemed to be really having a lot of fun at this tent as did the band.

Black Mountain 2Black Mountain 5Black Mountain 4Black Mountain 3Black Mountain 1

Black Mountain

Man or Astroman 1
Man or Astroman 2

Man or Astroman?

Black Mountain had started to play on the main stage, so I went over to see them. I stayed for a few songs. Out of curiosity, I went back down to the river to see Kaleidoscope, where there was a very large crowd, but I wasn’t really feeling it, so it was back to the Reverberation stage to watch some more of Black Mountain’s set for a while. It started to rain which provided a nice atmosphere for Black Mountain’s music. As it started to get a little heavier and crews on the stage tried desperately to cover up the equipment, I decided to get out of the rain and go see Man or Astroman? since they were playing in a very packed tent. I guess other people had the same idea. I had never seen them before, but they were really fun. The rain had stopped for a bit, so I took off for the other end of the field.


Waiting out the rain 2Waiting out the rain

Gordough’s and waiting out the storm

It was time to finally try one of those Gordough’s donuts, which had been calling my name all weekend. I got the one that was a huge donut, topped with cream cheese icing and fresh strawberries. Of course, as soon as they hand it to me, it started to rain hard with lightning. I made my way to the nearby covered area that was selling Greek food to wait it out, where everyone else seemed to have the same idea. This was both a good thing and a bad thing. The good, people seemed to bond and started up conversations with strangers, with one guy handing out demos of his bands cd. The bad, I ended up standing next to a table with two chain smoking bands that brought in their own bottles of Jack Daniels. These guys were actually pretty annoying and were one of the reasons I eventually ended up feeling like crap on Sunday, as well as why I came down with laryngitis the following week. All of the stages were stopped for a rain delay during this time, but started back up about a half hour or so later.

The Warlocks 1

The Warlocks

The final band of the night, at least for me was The Warlocks. This is yet another band I was really looking forward to and they were great! Even though I wanted to stay for their whole set, I didn’t want to get stuck waiting another 2 hours for the shuttle back to the hotel, so I left early. At least on this night, the wait was a more manageable 45 minutes or so. I hit 7-11 again for some late night snacks and attempted to get some sleep.

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