Concert Review: Morrissey at the Boston Opera House 6-7-2014

With all of the drama that a Morrissey tour brings, it was a 50/50 bet as to whether or not he would actually show up, especially with the week’s previous two shows being cancelled/postponed and opener Kristeen Young dropping out of the tour. As I arrived in downtown Boston to meet up with a friend in Chinatown, I walked by the Boston Opera House to make sure the show was still happening, which was apparent once I saw Morrissey’s tour bus sitting out front. We found out later that the show had been pushed back from 7:30pm to 9pm, so that left us a lot of time to pre-game with some drinks at the Rattlesnake bar and dinner at Q Restaurant (along with more and very potent drinks) in Chinatown.

Morrissey - The Queen Is Dead 1Morrissey 2Morrissey 5Morrissey 4Morrissey 3

Nicely buzzed, we made our way a couple of blocks down the street to the Boston Opera House, where we met up with a couple of people. After making our way to practically the top of the theater to what is technically called the “nose bleed” section, we got settled and waited patiently. A movie started playing for the next 20 minutes or so, then Morrissey flanked by five guys where white t-shirts that said “DIRT” on them, came out on stage to loud cheers. Going straight into the “The Queen Is Dead”, which seemed to surprise a lot of people, there wasn’t much of a break between songs. In fact, the whole night flew by pretty fast, although it was closer to an hour and a half.

Morrissey 8Morrissey 19Morrissey 17Morrissey 12Morrissey 9

At one point, Morrissey talked about all of the famous people who have been on the stage of the Boston Opera House and when he started saying names, my friend caught on that it was really just the names of the Golden Girls (and this is the part that made her night as she’s a major Golden Girls fan). He also played “Kick The Bride Down The Aisle” for the first time ever and it sounded good. Later, he played another Smiths song, “Meat Is Murder”, which I kind of expected. With a movie showing the slaughter of chickens as a backdrop and lots of red lighting for effect, Morrissey laid down on the stage in a fetal position as the band kind of jammed for a bit. There was one more song, then they left the stage. After a couple of minutes, the band came back out and played a couple more songs, with people trying to get on stage to hug Morrissey (and let’s face it, the guy could use some hugs). A few were successful but security threw them right back into the crowd. Morrissey ended by ripping his shirt off and throwing it into the crowd, the house lights came up and that was the end of the show.

Morrissey hug 1Morrissey hug 2

For something that was in doubt all week, it was a pretty good show even though the sound at the Boston Opera House wasn’t all that great. To be fair, that could have been due to where we were sitting regardless, I had a lot of fun and was glad I finally got to see Morrissey live, even if as some walking out said, there was no “How Soon Is Now“.

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