Review: Flavor Crystals, Chui Wan, Magic Shoppe at Club Bohemia 5-14-2015

I was still getting over a cold or allergies or the plague from being in Austin for the last week, but I really wanted to see this show. So, despite my nagging cough, I took a short ride on the T to Central Square and the Cantab Lounge, which has a basement space known as Club Bohemia. This was my first time at Club Bohemia and man, is this room small. It kind of felt like I was in someone’s basement for a house show or something. I had gotten there too late to see Guillermo Sexo, but Flavor Crystals had just gone on as I arrived, so I grabbed a Long Trail IPA and found a spot close to the stage.

Flavor Crystals 1Flavor Crystals 5Flavor Crystals 4Flavor Crystals 3

Flavor Crystals

Minneapolis’ Flavor Crystals are a band I first saw in Austin at the kickoff party for Austin Psych Fest in 2013. With a shoegaze, bordering on space rock sound, the band seemed to be having a great time playing. Singer/guitarist Josh Richardson was really getting into it moving all over the stage. It’s great when you can just tell a band loves playing and doesn’t want to stop and I didn’t want them to stop.

I ordered another Long Trail IPA and ran into a coworker who was at the show. We chatted for a bit as Chui Wan were getting ready to go on.

Chui Wan 2Chui Wan 10Chui Wan 7Chui Wan 5Chui Wan 3Chui Wan 11Chui Wan 9

Chui Wan

I just saw Chui Wan a few days ago at Levitation 2015 (aka Austin Psych Fest) and they played an amazing set there. It was even cooler seeing them play this very small room though. This band from Beijing has been getting a lot of buzz lately and rightfully so. Their shows are absolutely amazing, ranging from experimental, drone, and psychedelia, using everything from drum pads, keyboards, and even a violin at times. There was a pretty good size crowd, that mostly cleared out after their set.

Magic Shoppe 1Magic Shoppe 5Magic Shoppe 3Magic Shoppe 4

Magic Shoppe

Magic Shoppe were up next. They were down a guitar player so their set was kind of short, but they still rocked through their psychedelic tinged rock set. Man they were fun!

I was still on a high from being in Austin, and this was my 6th show in 9 days, so it was really cool to keep that going. I had a lot of fun on this night and even chatted with Josh from Flavor Crystals for a while (as well as picked up a t-shirt) before heading out to catch one of the last trains of the night.

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