Review: U4IA, SUNRAM, Ancient River at the Lilypad in Cambridge, MA 5-30-2015

This show was at the Lilypad in Inman Square, which is a place the T doesn’t go to, so I ended up having to drive there (and getting a little lost on the way). I was worried about parking, but there was a lot behind the club which was free after 10pm, and with this being a late show…it all worked out. I stood outside with several other people who were waiting for a while. I guess the earlier show ended late and that pushed things back a bit. I finally went inside and noticed this place was small. Like, really, really small, but that’s ok, it makes for a more intimate show.

I went to the tiny bar that is situated in the front window and got a Jack’s Abby Hopponius Union as U4IA, who replaced the original openers Worthless started to play.

U4IA 2U4IA 1


I couldn’t find any information on U4IA through a Google and Facebook search, other than a video from a show he played at Out of the Blue Too Gallery. Surrounded by instruments from the other bands, he wailed on the guitar and occasionally played a keyboard as the drum machine did it’s thing, while also making use of loops. At one point, the very cute and very friendly little dog (Annie as I was informed) that lives upstairs from the Lilypad, decided to take a walk around the stage while U4IA was playing, as well as gave smiles to everyone in the place. It was insanely cute!

I went back to the bar for another beer and being undecided, the bartender, who was awesome by the way, suggested something that had an 11% alcohol content. Having driven there, I had to decline but ended up with his other suggestion of something with a lower content, the Lagunitas IPA, which is always a good choice.



SUNRAM is a side project by some of the members of local psych band Ghost Box Orchestra. From what I gather, this was their first show in a long time. Taking turns on different instruments at times, their set was full of instrumental droning and dark psych rock goodness. It seemed to be pretty short, but it was great!

Ancient River 1

Ancient River 5Ancient River 2Ancient River 3Ancient River 4

Ancient River

Up next were Ancient River, a band I got into a few months ago when I heard the amazing first track “This Is The Time” off of their just released Keeper of the Dawn (an album I’m currently mildly obsessed with). For some reason I thought there was more than two people in this band, which was really only a drummer and guitarist. They created both guitar and vocal loops while playing, which gave the illusion of there being more people in the band. At times, the drummer took out a small keyboard and would play that. Unfortunately their set was also really short, which I’m guessing was because of the late start and 1am closing time.

Although there wasn’t much of a crowd left by the end of the night, I got to meet a some new people and the bands were all amazing. The Lilypad is a pretty cool little spot to check out a show, with a good selection of craft beers on tap and I’ll definitely be going back there again.

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