Review: Fedavees, Soft Eyes, Holy Wave, The Televibes at the Middle East Upstairs 5-24-2015

This was a tough night to decide on a show to go to, since there was a lot going on around the area, not to mention it was Boston Calling weekend. I had really wanted to see to Holy Wave, so I made my way to the Middle East Upstairs and found a good spot to see the Fedavees, who had just taken the stage.

Fedavees 1Fedavees 4Fedavees 3Fedavees 2


I have seen the Fedavees a couple of times now, but damn they were on fire tonight! With members of Creaturos filling in, the whole band just sounded amazing with their psych-fuzz sound. It was an energetic way to start the show. After they finished, it was time to grab a Harpoon UFO for my first drink of the night.

Soft Eyes 1Soft Eyes 4Soft Eyes 3Soft Eyes 2

Soft Eyes

New Hampshire’s Soft Eyes are a band I wasn’t all that familiar with. Switching between different instruments, including sleigh bells and a flute, they played what could be best described as jammy psychedlia. I was pleasantly surprised and really got into it.

Holy Wave 3Holy Wave 2Holy Wave 4Holy Wave 1

Holy Wave

It was getting kind of hot, so I ordered a Sam Adams Lager and waited for Holy Wave to set up. At this point, there was a pretty decent sized crowd in the upstairs. I first saw Holy Wave at Levitation 2015 aka Austin Psych Fest a few weeks ago, although I think I preferred seeing them in this much smaller venue. With strobe lights blazing and a retro pop-psych kind of vibe, this Texas band, put on an impressive show.

The Televibes 1The Televibes 4The Televibes 3The Televibes 2The Televibes 5

The Televibes

This was an EP release show for The Televibes, and they definitely brought it. They just straight up rocked a surf and garage rock filled set, while managing to get the few people that were left dancing and enjoying themselves.

After almost skipping this show, I’m glad that I ended up going to it. All of the bands were amazing, I met a couple of new people, and this was one of the most fun shows I’ve been to in a while.

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