Review: Bedroom Eyes, Guerilla Toss, No Joy at the Middle East Upstairs 6-26-2015

I had just missed the red line train by seconds, so I had a bit of a long wait at Alewife, but I was finally on my way to the Middle East for what was a pretty good lineup. Making my way through a very busy Central Square, and subsequently a very busy Middle East restaurant (which if you don’t already know, you have to cut through in order to get to the Upstairs), I paid and walked into a packed room, where Bedroom Eyes were already on.

Bedroom Eyes 2Bedroom Eyes 1

Bedroom Eyes

Bedroom Eyes have been around for a couple of years now, but this was the first time I have seen them. They were full of the kind of shoegazey goodness that I haven’t heard in quite a while and I was loving it! I will definitely have to see them again.

It was time for my first beer of the night, which was a Hoponius Union from Jack’s Abby and went down way too fast, making me think that I probably should have eaten dinner before heading out. Guerrilla Toss were up next.

Guerilla Toss 7Guerilla Toss 5Guerilla Toss 2Guerilla Toss 1

Guerilla Toss

Guerilla Toss are a band that I’ve read a lot about but have never seen live until tonight. Playing a pretty wild set of experimental noise rock, the crowd was dancing and going nuts during every song. It’s very easy to compare them to Arab on Radar, but it was a really fun set that was full of energy from both the band and the crowd.

It got really hot after their set, so I ordered a Harpoon UFO White and waited for No Joy to go on for the last show of their current tour.

No Joy 3No Joy 2No Joy 7No Joy 6No Joy 5

No Joy

It took a little while for Canada’s No Joy to set up their equipment, but once everything was good to go, they launched right into the music. Singer Jasamine White-Gluz’s vocals were barely audible over all of the distortion from the guitars. It should be noted that they were loud, *very* loud, so I’d highly recommend wearing earplugs if you’re going to see them live (and you should, because they were awesome!).

Although the show ended kind of early, I had a really fun time seeing some great bands. After a quick stop in Harvard Square for some much needed food at Tasty Burger, I was on my way back home, happy and satisfied.

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