Review: G. Gordon Gritty, Atlantic Thrills, Nice Guys, The Barbazons at the Middle East Upstairs 7-01-15


After a very quick drive to Alewife, I was on the T heading to the Middle East Up in Central Square for the Kids Like You And Me 6th anniversary show! I ordered a Hoponius Union and waited for G. Gordon Gritty to go on.

G Gordon Gritty 2G Gordon Gritty 8G Gordon Gritty 3G Gordon Gritty 6G Gordon Gritty 5

G. Gordon Gritty

I wasn’t familiar with G. Gordon Gritty, but this ended up being my favorite band of the night!! Playing most of a pretty rocking set down on the floor amongst the crowd, then band even let other people in the crowd sing. Tambourine guy danced through the crowd and shook it like nobody’s business. Tambourine guy…you fucking rule! It was time for another drink, so I ordered a Harpoon UFO White and waited for the Atlantic Thrills to go on.

Atlantic Thrills 1Atlantic Thrills 4Atlantic Thrills 3

Atlantic Thrills

Providence’s Atlantic Thrills play surf rock with a psych edge to it. The constant spitting of beer into the crowd by one of the members got old real fast though, especially when some of it got into mine. Not cool. That being said, I have seen these guys a few times and they always put on a fun show!

Nice guys were up next.

Nice Guys 3Nice Guys 1Nice Guys 2Nice Guys 5Nice Guys 4

Nice Guys

This was my first time seeing the Nice Guys, who played a set of dirty garage rock with a punk edge that whipped the crowd up into a dancing frenzy. At one point, the drummer left his spot behind the drums and sang one of the songs, which was really awesome. These guys were a lot of fun! One more Hoponius Union to replace my tainted drink as one of my favorite local bands, The Barbazons were setting up.

The Barbazons 3The Barbazons 4The Barbazons 11The Barbazons 13The Barbazons 6

The Barbazons

My god, I loves me some Barbazons! Really, what more can I say about this band after having seen them so many times? They rocked an all request set with the usual fun energy. I had to leave before they finished because it was a weeknight and the T doesn’t run all that late.

I saw some fun bands, drank some good beers, and had a great time! Thanks to Kids Like Me And You for putting this show on, it was a blast!

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