Lollapalooza 2011 – Day 3

Deadmau5 fans

Deadmau5 fans

For the first time in 4 days, I got more than a few hours of sleep. Refreshed and recharged, I went down to Grant Park for the final day of Lollapalooza 2011. It kind of sucks knowing that in a mere 10 hours, it will be all over for this year. That post-Lolla depression is a bitch! Does this happen to anyone else?

The Joy Formidible 1The Joy Formidible 2

The Joy Formidable

I made my way through the gate fairly quickly and the first band I saw was The Joy Formidable. Their indie rock and slightly shoegaze sound was a great way to start off this day.



Next was Deluka, who I didn’t really know much about, but were kind of a cross between indie rock and electronic music. I was really liking this band.

Fences 1Fences 3Fences 2


The very tattooed Fences, who are a 4 piece band from Seattle, were next on the Google+ stage. I stayed for most of their set and they had a decent sized crowd who seemed to be into the band and their softer indie sound.

Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Pains of Being Pure at Heart

I went over to the other stage to see Noah and the Whale play for a bit. I left after they did the ultra catchy “L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.”, and moved on to see The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. This was yet another band I was into and finally got to see live.

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr 2Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr 1

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

With all the buzz about Detroit’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and despite the gimmicky name, they were way more fun than I expected them to be. They had a hell of a stage show that included large light boxes with their name on it and bubbles. The music was light and dancey, and the crowd seemed to be having as much fun as the band was.

The Cars

The Cars

I worked my way through the crowds to the main stage to see The Cars, who were this year’s 80’s band representatives and were kind of boring. Maybe I expected more, but they basically just stood there and played. Although they did do a lot of their hits, there was nothing really exciting about their performance other than to be able to say I finally got to see them live.



Lissie is one of my guilty pleasures. I loved her CD Catching a Tiger, but playing live, she sounded just like on CD. I stuck around for a few songs, including “When I’m Alone“, which isn’t normally the kind of music I like, but there’s something about her music that I’m digging.

Cage the Elephant 1Cage the Elephant 3Cage the Elephant 2

Cage the Elephant

The sky started getting dark in the distance during Cage the Elephant‘s set. Finally, there was a massive downpour, which kept me from going over to the Google+ stage to see Best Coast.

Storm rolling in during Cage the Elephant

Storm clouds rolling in

Me and my new friend had fun meeting and chatting with people during the rain as we all took shelter under a small tree. After the rain had stopped, we made our way back to the Hard Rock so I could dry off and change into dry clothes, while giving my phone a much needed recharge. Charging stations at Grant Park would be an awesome opportunity for someone…just saying.

We went back down to the park to grab some dinner and see the Foo Fighters. We both got Kalua pork sandwiches that were really, really good. On the other hand, the watermelon jalapeno popsicles were spicier than expected and not too bad, but curiosity got the best of me on that one.

Foo Fighters 1Foo Fighters 2Waiting out the rain in the wine tent 2

Foo Fighters and waiting out more rain in the wine tent.

So, it was off to see the final band of the weekend, the Foo Fighters. As we walked to the stage, the sky opened up again and it was a torrential downpour. We decided to take shelter in the wine tent along with a bunch of other people and believe it or not, it was actually kind of fun. There was a screen outside of the tent showing the Foo Fighters, but you couldn’t actually hear them over the heavy bass from the much closer Perry’s tent. When the rain let up, we attempted to get closer to the main stage, but because of the mud and huge puddles, we were limited as to how far we could make it down there. From what I caught of the Foo Fighters, they put on a great show and really are one of the best rock bands ever!

Skyline and mud 3Skyline and mud 2Skyline and mud

The muddy aftermath!

After their set ended, lots of very muddy people emerged from where the stage was. As me and my new friend parted ways outside the gates, I realized that I was going to be sad to leave Chicago. The excitement of a festival is unmatched, with all of the people and bands…it’s a whirlwind weekend that ends all too soon. I will definitely be back next year!

Crowd leaving on SundayCrowd leaving 2

That’s it! The end of Lollapalooza 2011.

So it was back to my hotel to pack and get a couple of hours of sleep before departing back home to Boston. Thanks for everything Chicago, I loved every second I was there!

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