Review: Typical Girls, Zettajoule, Esposa at Empire Control Room in Austin 12-13-2015


Since I was visiting Austin to do some apartment hunting for a possible move, but feeling kind of burnt out on it, I decided to go out to a random show and see some bands while I was there. After finding a parking spot and walking about 3 blocks, I ended up at Empire Control Room in the Red River district for a free local show. I had been here before, but never for a show. The layout is pretty cool, with a bar in one room, the stage in another smallish room, and an outdoor area with picnic tables to hang out and get some air. I got there too late to see Concrete Shoes and Typical Girls were already well into their set.

Typical Girls 2Typical Girls 1

Typical Girls

I only caught the last three songs Typical Girls set but I really liked them. This 5 piece band is from San Marcos, Texas had a really nice dream pop sound and reminded me a bit of I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness. I really wished I had gotten there earlier to see their whole set because the two EP’s they have up on Bandcamp are really good!

I went over to the bar and ordered a Live Oak Hefeweizen, which I really enjoyed, and took a seat at a picnic table in the outside area for a while as Zettajoule was getting set up.

Zettajoule 6Zettajoule 3Zettajoule 5Zettajoule 2Zettajoule 4


Zettajoule are a quartet from Austin. With singer Meggan Carney up front and center on the keyboards, the band sounded great! It’s a little hard to pinpoint their sound exactly, with some songs having shrieks, the music was a little poppy, a little indie rock, but they were definitely fun and very appreciative of the crowd that ventured out on a Sunday night to see a show. At one point, there were lasers that seemed to hug everyone in the crowd, with more than a few people reaching out to try to touch them. It was very trippy and really cool! They also have a couple of tracks on Bandcamp that are definitely worth checking out.

Esposa 4Esposa 1Esposa 2Esposa 3


With a table full of drum machines and other equipment set up on the stage, Esposa were the final band of the night. I’m not really sure how to describe this duo’s sound other than they had a mellow electronic R&B kind of sound and reminded me a little bit of Grimes. It was a pretty chilled out way to end the night.

It’s always fun to go out to a random show in a different city. There were some really good local bands playing this show and I had a good time. If I end up moving to Austin, I will definitely try to see any of these bands again.

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