Review: Gravel, Kal Marks, CreaturoS, Nice Guys at the Middle East Upstairs 1-28-2016


It has been a while since I’ve gone out to a show, and after what can only be described as a shitty week (avoid working for big pharma if you can!), I really needed this. So it was off to Alewife where I caught the red line to the Middle East Upstairs in Central Square. I got there kind of early and the place already had a pretty big crowd, especially for a weeknight show. Gravel were up first.

Gravel 3Gravel 6Gravel 7Gravel 4Gravel 5


Gravel are from Salem, MA and have a riot grrrl/punk rock sound. They seemed to be having fun on stage, with the lead singer jumping down into the crowd a couple of times and creating a mini mosh pit. I really liked this band a lot!

After their set, I went over to the bar to get a Jack’s Abby Hoponius Union, which tasted amazingly awesome!

Kal Marks 4Kal Marks 11Kal Marks 10Kal Marks 12

Kal Marks

Kal Marks were up next as more and more people filtered in. It has been a while since I’ve seen these guys and they didn’t disappoint. After a broken guitar string during the first song, the band played some cool funk jams. Once the string was replaced, the band played an intense set of music that at times, built up into a frenzy of noise and screaming then come right back down again.

Creaturos 2Creaturos 3Creaturos 4


With another Hoponius Union in hand, I made my way back through a pretty large crowd and found a spot off to the side to see CreaturoS. They played a really good set of psychedelic garage rock and everyone around me was really into it.

Nice Guys 2Nice Guys 4Nice Guys 1

Nice Guys

Nice Guys were the final band of the night. They started off by playing songs from their new WSM EP cassette, which is really good, as well as some of their older stuff. Things got pretty insane during the set with a few mosh pits breaking out and a few people braver than me crowd surfing. Beers and cups were thrown at the band (in a good way as the band said it only made them stronger), but I’d like to thank the douchebag standing in front of me for covering me in beer when he thought that throwing a full can at the band would be a good idea. Regardless, this was a really fun, crazy set!

This was a much needed night out and a really fun show despite getting covered in beer. All of the bands were great and I had a pretty good time. I stopped by Falafel Palace for a delicious falafel wrap, then caught the train back to Alewife, and called it a night.

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