TeenageRiotTV is a music blog covering local music, smaller bands, and sometimes major concerts and festivals that I go to, and sometimes I’ll post music news and reviews. I absolutely love live music and nothing is better than seeing a band and having a beer (especially of the hazy craft variety)! Although I haven’t had much time for this blog lately (work, life, etc), I’m looking to sort of reboot/get back into it.

You can contact me at teenageriottv@gmail.com

For PR folks, send info to teenageriottv+PR@gmail.com

For interview requests, send me a message at teenageriottv+interviewrequests@gmail.com (be warned, I’m new at the interview thing, so please, be gentle 🙂

You can find videos I take at shows on my Youtube channel (please feel free to subscribe).
I’m on the Twitters at @Teenageriottv

Pictures of bands, beers, and occasional random stuffs are on Instagram
The wide range of whatever I’m currently listening to is at last.fm

Also, if you’re in a band that I post about and want the original, unedited versions of any pictures or live video that I take, just let me know. I’ll be more than happy to email/Dropbox them to you.

I am always looking for new bands to see live, listen to, or possibly interview, so please feel free to send any information along.

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