Attention Hipsters! Some Pitchfork Music Festival bands have been announced!

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of thousands of indie hipsters creaming themselves because the reunited Pavement are one of the headliners for the 2010 Pitchfork Music Festival, running from July 16th through the 18th.

Here’s a look at the lineup so far:

Modest Mouse

LCD Soundsystem

St. Vincent
Lightning Bolt
Cass McCombs
Here We Go Magic
Sleigh Bells

Seems to be a pretty decent lineup so far. I can’t really get into some of the Sunday bands though, but that will probably change as I listen to them a little more. Pavement and Providence’s own Lightning Bolt especially (if you have never seem them live, at a warehouse show no less, you are missing an amazing experience!), are not to be missed. I’m kind of jealous that LCD Soundsystem are playing since I was really hoping to catch him at Lollpalooza this year. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to Pitchfork due to it being too close to Lollapalooza, which is already booked and me having, as the one and only Wally Pleasant calls…a stupid day job.

Tickets are $40 for 1 day or $90 for the whole weekend, not bad at all!

More to come as they announce the rest of the lineup! Stay tuned!

Snooki interviews Phoenix, confusion ensues!

Handing Snooki from the Jersey Shore a microphone to interview bands is nothing short of pure genius! Please…someone give this girl her own talk show!! I would quit my job just so I could stay home and watch it every day! If you can make it even half as good as Vital Social Issues and Stuff with Kelly Bundy then it would rule my world!

Watch the video below see the smartest woman in the world interview Phoenix (because WordPress is being a bitch about using the embedded video straight from MTV, I am linking The Daily Swarm):

Snooki truly is the worlds smartest woman!

Owen Pallett to tour!

One of my favorite recent musical discoveries (and there have been quite a few lately), Owen Pallett, aka Final Fantasy, is getting ready to start a North American tour. I will definitely be at the Boston show. His new CD, Heartland, is an amazing album from start to finish and is highly recommended.

Tour dates:

Apr 8 – Toronto, Ontario – Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Apr 10 – Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall
Apr 11 – Minneapolis, MN – Varsity Theater
Apr 12 – Milwaukee, WI – Turner Hall
Apr 13 – Columbus, OH – Wexner Center
Apr 14 – Pittsburgh, PA – Andy Warhol Museum
Apr 15 – Washington DC – Black Cat
Apr 18 – Indio, CA – Coachella Festival
Apr 20 – Boston, MA – Institute Of Contemporary Art
Apr 22 – New York, NY – Webster Hall
Apr 25 – Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church
Apr 27 – Atlanta, GA – The Earl
Apr 29 – Dallas, TX – Granada Theater
Apr 30 – Austin, TX – The Mohawk
May 5 – San Francisco, CA – The Independent
May 8 – Seattle, WA – The Crocodile
May 9 – Vancouver, British Columbia – The Vogue Theatre
May 10 – Victoria, British Columbia – Alix Goolden Hall
May 11 – Portland, OR – Aladdin Theater

Hullabalou what??

After much anticipation and attempting to make my summer 2010 festival plans, I took a look at the lineup for the 1st annual Hullabalou Music Festival which will be at Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY from July 23rd – 25th. Only a few days into 2010 yet and this very well may be the worst festival lineup of the year. Let’s take a look at what the $165 3 day pass will get you (keeping in mind that more bands are to be announced):

Day 1:
Bon Jovi – That’s your big headliner?
The B52’s should at least be up there in a headlining spot.
Richard Marx – Didn’t he die a couple of years ago? Oh wait, that was Robert Palmer. I always get those two mixed up.

Day 2:
Kenny Chesney – The big headliner of the day. I guess I can understand this as Louisville seems more of a country kind of region and he plays to that.
Michael McDonald – One of two reasons I would actually go. Gotta love What a Fool Believes!
War – The second reason I would go to this festival.
Joan Osborne – Why?

Day 3:
Dave Matthews Band – Headliner of day 3. The question here is…which festivals are they *not* playing?
Zac Brown Band – Listed as another headliner…umm…who???
Steve Miller Band – Is this “let’s only have bands with the word “band” in their name” day?
Kansas and 38 Special – I think these two bands tour together like, always.

Here are some reason why one would actually attend this:

It’s going to be absolutely crap-tac-ular!
The abundance of overweight, 40 year old women with big hair and stretch marks longer than the track at Churchill Downs.
You really dig the smell of horse.

I think it will be interesting to see how this festival ends up doing and hope for an even more hilarious lineup for 2011.

19 Hour Lady Gaga Fuse TV Takeover…really?

So, the other night, I’m flipping through the channels and the one music channel that I can count on, lets me down with this “Lady Gaga Fuse TV Takeover”. Seriously Fuse? I mean, really??

How is it that someone that really only has 1 or 2 CD’s out can earn the right to a 19 hour takeover of a music channel? Maybe I should make some stupid auto-tuned song, put it out there, have it become huge, then maybe I can play VJ for 19 hours too!

Or maybe it all just comes down to the fact that I’m having a harder time trying to figure out whether Lady Gaga is a man or a woman, than I did with Marilyn Manson and not knowing is bugging me.

Ticketmaster must die!!

During my stay at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago, I was given two room keys, which also double as $25 gift cards to the Ticketmaster owned TicketsNow scalping service. I saw that Friendly Fires is coming to Boston in November, so what the heck, I’ll order a couple of tickets, use this card, save a little cash that could be used for beers, and be done with it. Sounds easy doesn’t it? It was not to be.

You see, TicketsNow is own by Ticketmaster as a kind of legal way for them to scalp tickets at an extremely inflated price. I don’t know why it’s legal for them to do this but for some reason, it is. The image below shows the regular $15 + $5 fee (there’s a whole other topic) x 2. $40, no big deal to see a band I like.

LiveNation regular price for Friendly Fires tickets
LiveNation regular price for Friendly Fires tickets

Now, here is where I hoped to save $25 with the gift card that will as of now, never be used:

This is the overpriced TicketsNow version
This is the overpriced TicketsNow version

Pretty unbelievable huh?

A similar thing happened recently when tickets for Andrew McMahon went on sale at 10am for a show in Somerville and by 10:01, it was sold out yet tons of tickets appeared on StubHub immediately (which is another one of these “legal” scalping services). Tickets for this show were going for 2-3 times the original price. It’s really sad because this show benefits the Somerville Arts at the Armory which ironically, helps out artists.

Bruce Springsteen fans have also been burned by this practice. More info here.

How can these companies go on ripping off their customers like that and think nothing of it? Wasn’t Congress looking into this at one point? Why didn’t Pearl Jam keep up their fight?? I miss the days of standing in line for tickets that only had a 1-2 dollar fee associated with it. Earlier this year, I attempted to get tickets for the Nine Inch Nails/Jane’s Addiction tour. I don’t recall the exact price but the fees were close to 40% of the ticket price. Needless to say, I did not go.

This practice needs to stop! Someone needs to step forward, stand up to these giant corporations, and create some kind of viable alternative that does not rip off the customer. In the meantime, if the bogus fees are over a certain percentage of the ticket price, they will definitely lose my money.

Pavement are reuniting for a 2010 tour!!!

Oh yes, it’s true! Influential 90’s indie rockers Pavement are reuniting for a world tour in 2010. Presale tickets for the first announced date on Sept. 21st, 2010 (my god, that’s a long ways away!!), go on sale tomorrow Sept. 18th 2009, with general public tickets on the 25th. Perhaps a road trip to New York is in order. Even Kanye West has to agree…oh wait, he still thinks Beyonce is the best? Damn!

I’m hoping they play here in the Boston area, or at the very least, headline Lollapalooza 2010, since I will already be there. A boy can hope…right?