Review: HÆLOS, Radclyffe Hall at the Middle East Upstairs 4-1-2016


I rushed through my usual after work workout in record time in order to try and get to the Middle East Upstairs before the first band went on. After getting stuck in a lot of traffic and a few other annoyances, I finally made it to Central Square where Radclyffe Hall were already well into their set.

Radclyffe Hall 1Radclyffe Hall 3

Radclyffe Hall

I first saw Radclyffe Hall when they played the Boston En Mass festival last year and thought they were great! With synthesizers on each side of the stage and 2 drummers in the middle all angled towards the audience, they were well into their set of dark synth music. I only caught their last three songs and I was kind of bummed to miss the full set because they were really good.

It was time for a drink, so I ordered a Hoponius Union as HÆLOS were getting set up. I expected a larger, if not sold out crowd since there was a lot of buzz about this band, but maybe it was due to competition from a lot of other shows on this night. But there was a pretty decent amount of people, so it was all good.

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HÆLOS started out with the first track from their new album “Full Circle” called “Intro/Spectrum”, which and things only got better from there when they went into “Pray”. Seriously, from the moment they started playing, I was in love. With six members on stage, they had a hazy, ethereal sound that was definitely influenced by the 90’s trip hop scene. Singers Lotti Bernardout and Arthur Delaney seemed to play off of each other very well, with contrasting boy/girl vocals on many of the songs. If I had any complaints at all it would be that this was a really short set that lasted around 45 minutes or so, although I could have watched them for another 45. This was probably due to them not having many songs just yet.

There was no question about me picking up their first full length CD called “Full Circle”. After the show, I talked a little bit with Arthur Delaney, who was really cool. In fact, all of the band members seemed happy to sign the albums and CD’s they were selling while chatting and taking pictures with the crowd. I can’t wait to seem them again at Lollapalooza this summer and hopefully they will play one of the after parties at the Hard Rock or Virgin Hotels.

Since the show ended so early, like, before 9pm, I made plans to meet up with a friend at the Foundry On Elm in Davis Square for some much needed food and drinks. The food was amazing, the beer was good, and the company was great. This was seriously one of the best nights I’ve had out in a while, and there definitely needs to be more nights like this soon.

Music Monday: Catching Flies – “The Stars EP”

Catching Flies is a 21 year old producer from London, but I can’t seem to find any more information than that about him. His 4 song “The Stars” EP is a downtempo, electronic album that has a warmness to it. Starting off with atmospheric and very good “Sunrays“, the album has a nice, mellow flow throughout all 4 songs.

The standout is the title track “The Stars“, which does a very good job of sampling Coldplay’s “Yellow“, but does it subtly in the background, with a mildly jazzy kind of sound. I highly recommend heading over to Catching Flies’ Bandcamp page and downloading this free EP. I can’t wait to hear more from him in the future!

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Portishead to tour North America!

Trip hop band Portishead have announced a fairly small North American tour in October. Presale tickets are currently available now, with tickets for the general public going on sale July 15th and 16th, with Chicago on the 22nd. Fellow UK band Thoughtforms opens.

This should be a pretty cool tour but once again, a great band skips over Boston, so I won’t be seeing them. Although, there is a gap between October 5th and 7th…Boston is between NY and Montreal!

Portishead — 2011 Tour Dates:

October 1 ATP I’ll Be Your Mirror Festival, Asbury Park, NJ
October 2 ATP I’ll Be Your Mirror Festival, Asbury Park, NJ
October 4 Hammerstein Ballroom NY
October 5 Hammerstein Ballroom, NY
October 7 Jacques Cartier Pier, Montreal
October 9 Sound Academy, Toronto
October 10 Sound Academy, Toronto
October 12 Aragon, Chicago
October 15 Mexico, Corona Festival
October 18 Shrine LA
October 21 Greek, Berkeley, SF
October 23 WaMu, Seattle
October 24 PNE Forum, Vancouver
October 27 1st Bank Center, Denver